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Meet the Team

Executive Board


Drew Evans

Founder and President

Drew Evans is the founder of VolunTeen. He is a sophomore at John Carroll where he excels in school and runs Cross Country and throws Discus.  Drew regularly serves his community, while always thinking/planning the next project. He started this organization with only 6 teens and in just a year has grown it to over 1,200 teens.  Drew was honored by the Bel Air Town Commissioners in March of ‘19, with the Student Achievement Award. In 2019, Drew and VolunTeen received the 20THAnnual Honors Row award presented by the Baltimore Ravens. Most recently Drew was the recipient of the Annie McGann Cumpston Memorial Scholarship for his service to the community.


Ryan Skandalis

Vice President

Ryan Skandalis is a sophomore at John Carroll. Ryan is a part of the founding group of VolunTeen and has been on the executive board since 8th grade. Ryan plays varsity soccer and JV basketball at John Carroll, and also plays club soccer. He is currently a 5-time Ben Carson Scholar and has recently applied for his 6th. Ryan is also the current sophomore class president at John Carroll. Ryan has served over 100 hours with VolunTeen and looks forward to continuing his leadership roles within the board.


Brody Zumbano


Brody Zumbano is a sophomore at C. Milton Wright and one of the cofounders of VolunTeen. Brody is a student athlete, always earning top honors at school.  Brody also excels on the field. He has 10 years of wrestling and lacrosse experience and plays both sports in high school.  Brody also consistently serves his community and is always willing to help, plan and coordinate projects.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Executive Board Continued


Hayden Hicho


Hayden Hicho is a sophomore at Calvert Hall and is student athlete.  He is one of the cofounders of VolunTeen.  Hayden regularly serves his community and served in various capacities since day one.  Hayden excels in school, always earning top honors.


Gregory Temple

Marketing/Swag/Social Media

Greg Temple is a sophomore at the John Carroll school and has been an active part of the VolunTeen community since the beginning.  He was awarded the leadership scholarship at John Carroll  and plays on the junior varsity football team and on the varsity lacrosse team.  He marked up 70 community service hour. He will be a teacher’s aide at St. Margaret Faith Formation classes in the fall for spring Confirmation.


Jake Siemsen


Jake Siemsen is a sophomore at The John Carroll School. He played JV lacrosse in the spring of his freshman year and runs cross country in the fall. He has volunteered at the Beachmont summer camp for 2 years, and worked at Conrads Crab House this past summer.


Becca Wright

Director of Membership

Becca Wright is a sophomore at C. Milton Wright. She is a member on her high school soccer team as well as playing for her club team HFC. In the past Becca has frequently volunteered with Meals On Wheels, and has raised thousands of dollars toward American Heart Association, making her top fundraiser in the county for the “Hoops for Heart” event. She was also recently accepted to attend the Boston University high school summer program in 2020.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Ava DeSantis

Ava DeSantis is a sophomore attending C. Milton Wright high school. She ran track and played soccer for CMW as well as also playing soccer for her club team. Ava plans on joining a few clubs and associations next year including National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and JCC. Ava has been participating in VolunTeen events since 8th grade and has been part of the general board since freshman year. Ava loves the idea of helping the people in the community and looks forward to doing so through a numerous amount of VolunTeen projects in this upcoming year


Sydney Levesque

Sydney Levesque is a sophomore at Mercy High School. She has been on the VolunTeen general board since the summer before her freshman year, and is now joining the executive board. Sydney is in the Sister Agnese Neumann Scholars Program at her school, where she visits monthly with Good Samaritan Hospital. She is a straight A student and works very hard to maintain good grades with her vigorous classes. Sydney loves to volunteer and help others, and it has always been a huge part of her life. She is very eager to see what VolunTeen can do this next year and can’t wait to be a part of it.


Jason Foxx

Jason Foxx is a sophomore at Fallston High School. He is a student athlete who plays baseball and is looking forward to playing football in the fall.  He has contributed to the community in many ways and looks forward to planning more projects. He was the project manager for our 1st Shoe Fundraiser.  Jason also helped coordinate a group of teens to help with the Harford Family House Homeruns for the Homeless event.  In his free time, Jason enjoys any outdoor activity with his favorites being snowboarding and golf.


Caden Kestner

Caden Kestner is a sophomore at Bel Air High School. He excels in school and in 2019 received the Presidential Academic Excellence for his Achievements in school. Caden is a student athlete,  playing basketball volleyball. Caden has been a part of VolunTeen since it was founded. He has participated in many projects and is instrumental on the board.


Meet the Team: Meet the Team



Lindsey Tolliver

Lindsey Tolliver is a senior at Patterson mill. She will be attending Mount Saint Mary’s University in the fall, she will study Health Science and play division 1 lacrosse. Lindsey has been on the VolunTeen general board since sophomore year. She plays varsity lacrosse and varsity volleyball in high school, as well as club volleyball and club lacrosse. Lindsey is part of the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society at her school. She has also volunteered at Upper Chesapeake and is looking forward to giving back to her community this upcomin


Noah Miller

Noah Miller is a sophomore at John Carroll where he excels academically and is a student athlete. Noah plays varsity basketball and varsity football. He also plays very competitive AAU basketball team. Noah has completed over 100 service hours since joining VolunTeen and John Carroll.  He enjoys working with his peers to help the community. Noah has been a member of VolunTeen since December 2018.


Hannah Richard

Hannah Richard is a sophomore at Fallston High School. She is a student athlete and loves playing soccer, basketball, and lacrosse for her school as well as club soccer. She also likes to dance and spend time with her family. She is currently the Vice President of her Sophomore class and enjoys being a peer minister at her church. She is excited to continue to help out in the community and loves being a board member to help serve with her peers.


Alex Fuller

Alexandra Fuller is  currently a sophomore this year at John Carroll. She is a student athlete playing volleyball and basketball for her school team. She also plays travel basketball for her league. She has been helping with VolunTeen since freshman year. Helping shelter dogs find homes is her passion along with helping out in the community.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team



Gabriella Steck

Gabriella Steck is a sophomore at John Carroll. Gabriella has participated in many VolunTeen events since freshman year. For Christmas Gabriella and her cousin hand wrote 200 Christmas cards for the staff and patients at a nursing home. She also collected over $1,000 through a GoFundMe page to donate food to the hungry. Gabriella plays club soccer, varsity soccer and varsity track and field. Gabriella looks forward to giving back to her community.


Justin Patrick

Justin Patrick is a sophomore at John Carroll High School. He is a John Carroll Scholar and plays soccer & lacrosse.  He is also in the STEAM program and FCA, Justin is a class representative for his sophomore class. He joined VolunTeen because he wanted to find a way to help and give back to his community in a fun way with his friends and peers.


Deron Zhu

Deron Zhu is a sophomore at C. Milton Wright High School. Deron played junior varsity basketball and varsity tennis his freshman year. He has exceptional grades in all his classes at C. Milton Wright. He is also the second chair violinist in all county orchestra. This year Deron is anticipating acceptance into NHS and Spanish NHS. He joined VolunTeen to assist and connect to the community and learn by gaining real-world experiences with friends that strive for similar goals.


Alli Mcdonald

Alli Mcdonald is a freshman at Bel Air High School and a part of the Biomed program. She has been a member of VolunTeen since spring 2019. She was the project manager for Art with a Heart, and has participated in many other VolunTeen events! She plays travel soccer and club volleyball. She is currently a 4-time Ben Carson Scholar and recently applied for her 5th!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team



Michael Carter

Michael Carter is a sophomore at Fallston High School. He plays junior varsity soccer and lacrosse for his school, as well as club lacrosse. Michael is a straight A student, who works very hard in his honors and AP classes. He has participated in countless VolunTeen events and is excited for his newfound role as a member of the board.


Lydia Sherly

Lydia Sherly is a sophomore at C. Milton Wright High School, where she exceeds in all of her classes. This year she hopes to become a part of National Honors Society and Spanish Honors Society. She has been a part of many VolunTeen community service projects over the last year. Lydia is a member of the Best Buddies Club at her school, and she is a teacher’s aide for a St. Margaret Faith Formation class. Lydia plays soccer on the CMW’s women’s varsity soccer team, and she runs for her school’s track team. In addition to that, she plays club soccer and is a competitive swimmer. She is excited for what good this upcoming year will bring.


Grace Megargel

Grace Megargel is a junior at Bel Air High School. She is a member of National Honor Society. She is also active in 3 community outreach clubs at her school. She has been a competitive dancer for over 10 years at Rage Box Dance Center. She has been involved with Volun-Teen for about a year and has participated in many events. She is excited to be on the board and hopes to lead a project with the group this year.


Gabby Alvarez

Gabby Alvarez is a sophomore at C. Milton Wright high school. She is a member on the soccer team, track team, and swim team. She will continue to participate in these sports throughout her high school experience. She also looks to join more organizations in the school community such as National Honor society, and Junior Class Council. Gabby has been completed many VolunTeen activities since she was in 8th grade.  She loves giving back to the community and being able to see the change she is making in her own community and is excited to continue to be a part of this change!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team



Connor Lesniewski

Connor Lesniewski is a junior at C. Milton Wright. He is still undecided on what college he will attend and what he will study.  Connor plays soccer and lacrosse for CMW as well as soccer at the club level. Connor is hoping to get into a variety of things for his senior year including NHS, Spanish NHS, Math NHS, and SCC. Connor has participated in a variety of events with VolunTeen dating back to his sophomore year. He enjoys the idea of giving back to the community and looks forward to helping those around him.


Lily Harmen

Lily Harman is a Junior at Bel Air High School. She plays varsity Golf, Basketball and Lacrosse. Lily plays in the Under Armour and Junior PGA Golf Leagues and is a member of Winters Run Golf Club.  Lily excels in her studies, and is in multiple honors and AP classes.  She enjoys giving back to her community through volunteering with VolunTeen. She has been a member of VolunTeen since freshman year. Lily is planning on studying Engineering in college, focusing on structural and civil engineering.


Trevor Amrein

Trevor Amrein is a sophomore at The John Carrol School. He earned an athletic scholarship for John Carrol and plays varsity football and runs track. He has completed many VolunTeen projects throughout last year but wanted to get more involved with not only the organization but the community as well. He has excelled both on and off the field. He also volunteers with Mountain Christian church and his goal is to do more for the community.



Morgan Bolesta

Morgan Bolesta is a sophomore at Fallston high school. She has been a part of VolunTeen for a few years and became a member of the general board this year. She is a varsity and all-star cheerleader, as well as a tennis player at Fallston. In school, she is the secretary for the sophomore class and a member of French club. During the summer, she is a lifeguard at the Fallston swim club. In the past, Morgan has volunteered for the Saint Marks Christmas  pageant by helping direct and various events at Youths Benefit Elementary school and Fallston swim club. She is very excited to continue her volunteer work as a board member with VolunTeen.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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